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Research Center and Social Projection

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Intep has stand up for teacher´s research. It points out the importance of research for technological and economic development.

It’s a duty for all educative institutions to develop research processes for society needs.

Team of work:

  • Members
  • Fundaintep


Promote research training for the academic community.

Strengthen research and social projection in quality aspects.

Give the appropriate information of the research.

Promote the team creation for project development.

Take advantage of the resources for community benefit.


Promote research processes that improve the economic and technological development.


Improve in an ethical way the research and social projection.


Coordinate the projects with the academic unities.

Make interchange relationships between educative institutions and enterprises.

Propose, evaluate, update and accomplish to projects norms.

Develop and propose procedures for research activities.

Publish the results of the research.

Propose feedback spaces for research results.

Contextualize the research aspects according to institution dynamic.

Form the team practice in order to evaluate the institute impact.

Organize the research group training.

Manage the information of the research.

Diagnose the needs for the programs design.

Promote the research in every program.

Design, develop and evaluate work plans.

Propose the right budget for the plans.

Strategic Goals

Impact the institution pedagogical model for life quality improvement.

Create links between the academic and public sectors to improve the productivity levels.

Generate scientific, technological, technical and productive information of the research results.

Make a link between academic and graduate worksto promote research.

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