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Pilot Center Project

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The professional and technical education institute, joining the National Education Ministry, ICFES, and the French society of educative resources export, SFERE, began on April 2002, the project execution, “a pilot center of technical education in Colombia”, taking into account the French model, what leads to technology, skill development, to connect the low and high education, with the needs of the productive and economic sectors in a national and regional level.

Is an obligation and politic of the government, to modernize the educative sector.

The project has to do with an academic work in three pilot programs, looking for a meaningful improvement in the quality of this institution. These programs are: agoindustrial processes, farming and livestock production, and systems. One of the most important purposes of the project is to improve the professional skills, the analysis of the situations, methodologies, and knowledge.

During the first Mission of the project, April 2002, were made the profiles of technical training, based on visits to the region enterprises. They also defined the necessary equipments and didactic resources for the project.

During the second Mission, July 2002, was made the curriculum design of the three programs.

In October 2002, 8 teachers and two other persons were in France with the purpose of getting the information of organization of French Institutes.

In February 2003, was made the fourth Mission in which both French people and Intep teachers, worked together in the pedagogical purpose, academic credits and evaluation.

In May 2003was made the fifth mission to organize the center for students, it has to do with schedule, training, council organization, projects, workshop, laboratories, infrastructure, equipments and training needs for teachers.

The phase time for the project is three years, the beginning of a technological and technical training project in Colombia, registered in National Planning to strength the technological and technical education in Colombia.

In August 2003 began the first phase for the three main programs, in which they received these students:

Systems: 20 students at day, 40 at night

Farm and livestock production: 21 students

Agroindustrial processes: 23 students

104 students

In April 2004 was done the sixth Mission of the project which main goal was to make clear the pedagogical, theoretical, methodological and didactic aspects of the new training model.

In June 2004 was done the seventh Mission of the project, for farm and livestock production and systems.

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