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The RoldanilloIntep has been certified in four programs.

The professional and technical education institute has been certified in four academic programs, what show the high quality of education. The last process to do was the external evaluation, which was done by an academic team and they used the report the intep presented to the certification national council (CNC), they verified the results, identified the inside conditions of the academic programs and they finished with the analysis of the programs that were evaluated.

The academic team is a group of person who are acknowledged by the national academic community, who can judge the quality of the academic programs. They analyzed everything according to seven meaningful factors to verify the quality of an academic program. They also analyzed the weak and strong aspects in the Institution educative project. We made some questions:

What is the Intep IEP?

What implies the IEP?

What is an academic community?

Who make part of Intep academic community?

How did start the IEP in the Intep?

What for was it done?

How is it carried out?

What forms it?

Mission, vision, objectives, pedagogic strategy, study plan structure, statutes, culture, and development politics.

The inner conditions were evaluated taking into account teachers and studentsto get an updated diagnosis:

  • Students admission: conditions and number
  • Program drop out
  • Teacher selection
  • Statutes
  • Number of teachers
  • Research

In the academic process they analyzed the different study plans:

  • Study plans
  • Curriculum flexibility
  • Methodologies used
  • Evaluation
  • Participation of the academic community in the program.
  • Relation of the program with search and social projection.
  • Intellectual formation of teachers
  • Book and systems resources
  • Laboratories and work shops

In the institution wellbeing, they analyzed:

  • Politics
  • Infrastructure
  • Formative activities and human development.

In organization and administration they analyzed:

  • Responsible people of the program
  • Communication systems
  • Encouragement and people training
  • Leadership

In graduate:

  • Graduate following
  • Projection of the program towards the community

In physical and financial resources they analyzed:

  • Infrastructure
  • Budget

After verifying the information sent to the Certification National Council, the team judged the quality of the programs, and they recommended them: farm and livestock production, Accountant, systems. Once more the Intep slogan is: engaged with excellence.

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