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Historical Review

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In 1976, when Roldanillo celebrates the fourth year of foundation, it becomes a cultural and academic development pole, trough the creation of new entities that make the dream come true. A new project was created, an Art Museum.

The dreams became ideas, and in 1970, when Gimnasio Norte del Valle high-school was working in the old place of La Normal Nacional Jorge Isaacs, so the teacher Luis Horacio Lozano, dreams of a high education institution for Roldanilloa and all the region, and begins the management with National Education Minister, Rodrigo Lloreda Caicedo, in a file January 23th 1979, in which he puts the project for the creation of a farm and technological institute; in march, Mr. Lloreda visits San Jose de La Unión school, and he gives the teacher Luis Horacio Lozano the good news, where he says his idea is going to come true, and effectively, Mr. Julio Cesar Turbay Ayala, the Colombia’s President, issues the decree 1093 from may 17th, 1979, where he creates the Professional Education Institution from Roldanillo, Mr. Marino Valderrama Rodas joins them too.

In May 30th 1980, take up the position before National Education Minister and the Roldanillo Mayor: Jorge Enrique Posso Mendoza and Marino Valderrama Rodas as coordinators; Luis Angel García García as Administrative assistant; Hilda María Moreno de Martínez as payer; LigiaPerea de Zúñiga as an executive secretary; Luciano García Marmolejo as a technician;  Edider de jesús Becerra Tapasco as administrative assistant;  Maria Consuelo Quintero de Vergara and Aracelly Reyes Varela as secretaries; Servio Tulio Cabrera Guerrero and Tulio Enrique Millán Mendoza as watchmen; Ana Isabel Florez Sastoque and Margarita Izquierdo Monsalve as general services assistants, and the National Education Minister named Mr. Desiderio Martinez Pineda as the rector who had been education secretary of Valle del Cauca province. Mr. Jorge Enrique Posso quits but Mr. Helber Salinas Abadía comes to take the charge. With these selected people, they make the beginning to enrolment, interviews and registrations for farm techniques and sick bay in Belisario Peña Piñeiro School, in 8 September 1980 they begin the academic labors in this place, as a dependent unity of National Education Minister, with Farm techniques at day, and first and basic education administration at night; the sick bay program was good but they did not have the necessary foundations for the practices, so they created the basic education administration.

Lately, with the law 25 of 1987, the Institute modifies its trade name by: Professional and Technical Education Institute from Roldanillo, and the titles it would give, were Professional technique. In May 23th 1983, the resolution 0903 authorizes to give the titles and in May 15th 1989, by means of 1027 decree approves the Institution General Statute.

The Professional and Technical Education Institute from Roldanillo, becomes the first official institution that teaches the educative politics to low and medium population where students and parents want to find possible solutions to social and personal development.

Nowadays, the Professional and Technical Education Institute is a pilot center in a national level and defined by propaedeutic cycles.

"Propaedeutic means a student finishes and makes a link with a French University to complete or improve the knowledge".

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