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Institutional Policies

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Given the definition of the mission, vision, philosophy and the principles on which it is based, the Institute of Technical Professional Education from Roldanillo is leading according to the following policies:

Relevance educate, providing  the appropriate professional society involved with standards of excellence in the fields offered by the institution, science and culture.

Educating with Universal Dimension, so that its professionals are able to validate and critique different paradigms, in order to take on challenges, confront and solve problems.

Educating with Integrity, to allow development of convergent dimensions bio -eco -psycho- social individuals.

Educating Sense Team, so that the individual aware of the importance of cooperation and solidarity, through the exchange of experiences, knowledge and views, has the ability to make the team work as a means to achieve common objectives and achieve improving quality purposes they develop.

• Educating for Creativity, meaningful innovation, to stimulate the imagination, experimentation, deconstruction, construction and reconstruction of knowledge.

• Educate the principle of alternation, seeking a balance between theory and practice, to harmonize both in the teaching-learning process.

• Research regarding the socio-cultural context. Object is permanent INTEP identifies problems of society, study and analyze and present alternative solutions to make significant contributions to the art, technology and science.

• To accept an institutional environmental policy, promoting the academic community in a healthy and appropriate environment, thus fulfilling the social and civil duty to preserve and protect the environment and natural resources.

• Contribute to the social, economic and cultural development of the country, by developing the Mission and Vision of INTEP.

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