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Objectives and Functions

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The Institute of Technical Professional Education from Roldanillo is a Public Higher Education Institution, intended to form the human talent needed by the region and the country. It redefines by propaedeutic cycles to contribute to society and education in Colombia under the principles of efficiency, quality and coverage.



Being competent citizens allowing it to fulfill the social order according to the professional profile.

Promote research and innovation spaces, using available resources in order to contribute to social, regional and national development at technical, technological, and professional levels.

Providing a quality service based on academic results, means and processes used, the institutional infrastructure and both qualitative and quantitative dimensions owned.

Being technical and technological, cultural, economic, political and ethical factor development at local, regional and national level.

Acting in harmony with the other levels of academic training to help achieving common goals.

Promote the integration and inter - institutional cooperation to various areas of the country in terms of having the human and technological resources that enable it to attend  their needs adequately.

Promote the preservation of a healthy environment and promote education and ecological culture.

To preserve and foster the technological, technical, cultural, natural inheritance of the country.

To keep the feedback of cultural, technological, and technical knowledge of other countries which contribute to the mutual development.



1. Form a Guided by the principles of observation, analysis, reasoning and reflective synthesis and critical reflexive  student.

2.  Contribute to the preservation and improvement of environmental conditions in the region.

3. Tend to the development and recovery of cultural values ​​as fundamental elements for comprehensive training of future professionals.

4. To maintain academic quality and the dynamics of change , continuous teacher and administrative skills will be encouraged.

5.  To contribute to the economic and business development will be encouraged in the training of student leadership and entrepreneurship and self-management.

6. Tend lifelong academic improvement by updating and evaluation of teaching.

7. Promoting the participation of graduates in institutional activities and boost their training and updating.

8. Building a computer literacy as a basic component of the learning system.


Research Factors

1. Encourage multidisciplinary and transdisciplinary as well as academic, scientific and financial cooperation institutions at regional, national and international level.

2. Provide academic and financial support for the creation of programs and projects to stimulate research attitude of teachers and students.

3. Create lines of research for the region related to the agricultural sector, and computer systems, community development and environmental conservation areas.

4. Implement the use and development of information networks for academic and researching development.

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