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General Information

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It is the first official Higher Education Institution with Professional Technical with High Academic Quality programs and Qualified Check all your programs with a track record of 30 years in the training of professionals that the country needs.

The institution is widely accredited and recognized in the business sector for the great competition, suitability, responsibility and ethics of its graduated students.

High Academic quality.  Interagency agreements with companies,  and educational institutions. Training and Internships with companies in the region.  Propaedeutic cycles. Technical, Technological and University programs.  Modern rooms Systems Laboratories. Agro-industrial plant processes, lab farm researching and field practicing.  Updated vocational  training  and entrepreneurship. Low costs tuition in higher education. Credits for tuition program with ACCES or ICETEX.

University Welfare Programs.



The INTEP mission is training in technical, technological and professional levels responding to the principles of human quality, autonomy, social responsibility and transcendence.

Promotes research and potentiating  of socio-affective,  cognitive and communicative competence in an organizational environment that promotes the welfare of human talent, by offering quality services with academic programs according to local, regional and national reality.

The INTEP is present at various stages of the community through  extension, with social projection, which enables the transfer of technology and contributes to the solution of problems that demand the productive and service sectors.



Since its state-owned  and public nature,  to  the year 2020, the INTEP will project in the national context as a leading university in training by propaedeutic cycles, with a pedagogical model that allows interdisciplinary research processes and social projection, generating in its graduated -students a high level of entrepreneurship that contributes to sustainable development and improvement the quality of life.


Code of Values and Ethical Principles

"How often do we contradict the right rules of reason in the whole course of our lives! Reason itself is true and just, but the reason of every particular man is weak and wavering, perpetually swayed and turned by his interests, his passions, and his vices"
Madame de Swetchine

For the Institute of Technical Professional Education from Roldanillo Valle, the enjoyment and practice of ethical values ​​should be strengthened for the benefit of the performance and behavior, which are to be manifested in all its servers without exception.

This means that the institutional human resources this morally strengthened to act transparently because of the commitment to the institutional mission, under control the growing demands from society in general and the public sector in particular. Of course, this implies that confidentiality, solidarity and fellowship are oriented in the same direction.

Hence the indisputable need for a regulatory instrument governing such behavior, adapting to moral requirements that allow the organization to maintain and increase its credibility, act impartially and objectively rule in accordance with the powers, functions and powers that  sends the Law.

Such an instrument is the Official Code of Ethics of the Institute of Technical Professional Education, whose content is based on the universal principles of morality, becoming the best ally to harmonize domestic relations from the practice of mutual respect, but especially should be considered as a guide to daily behave on continuous monitoring.

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